Why Print?

It’s 2025 – do you know where your photos are?

The photo below is a cherished item in our family. It was taken sometime before 1910; we know this only because the woman on the far right – my great grandmother - died that year. No one currently surviving in our family ever met any of these people, but we’re grateful to have this piece of our history hanging on the wall.

These days, it’s unlikely that the thousands of memories we store on digital media will make it to 2025, let alone be seen by anyone 110 years from now. Some of them might, sure…but the vast majority of them will succumb to obsolescence of the medium on which they are stored, corruption of the files or will simply be misplaced. Even the “cloud” has experienced data losses. So unless you are backing up copies of your photographs on the latest storage medium and in multiple places, they should be considered temporary. This is why many people refer to digital photos as “disposable imagery”. There is just no guarantee that they will be retrievable 20, 10 or even 5 years from now. The digital landscape is simply changing too quickly.

Whereas the average lifespan of the digital media we’re using today is estimated to be between 3-20 years, photographic prints on archival paper can last 100 years or more, as long as they are properly cared for. If you want to ensure that your children, their children and generations beyond will have the opportunity to see the photos you take today, you need to print them. That is why I’m committed to preserving your legacy in print form – to ensure that you and your family still have these beautiful pieces of art to enjoy decades from now. And to ensure that – should your prints become damaged – you can order reprints, I also back up the digital negatives of your session for a minimum of one year (purchased images will be saved longer) on three different mediums that will be transferred to emerging technology as it becomes available. So your prints will always be accessible, even if your original art is lost or damaged.

Contact me to schedule your session today, and capture memories that will last for decades to come, regardless of what direction technology takes next month. Your relatives will be glad you did.

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